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Support Your Singing

Dates: 5 October -- 2 November 2020


What is Full Self Singing?

Full Self Singing is an online singing course that aims to support singers in all aspects of their development. Courses are run on a bi-monthly basis and offer participants the opportunity to perform and learn in a supportive and friendly environment. Participants gain the opportunity to learn how to sing from gifted guest artists and teachers who join the course on a regular basis and also receive a weekly coaching with the course tutor, Salwan. 

About the Tutor

Salwan Cartwright-Shamoon is a musician from Belfast, Northern Ireland who enjoys singing, playing the piano, and composing. He studied music as an undergraduate at Queen’s University Belfast and his master’s in vocal performance at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. He enjoys working with singers and musicians of all abilities helping them achieve their potential and developing their love for music. Some of Salwan's music may be found on his Souncloud and Vimeo pages.


Some Participant Feedback from Previous Courses

 "I looked through the internet for some sort of singing group and came across this one. First night I was nervous and concerned that the other singers may be singing classical singing (while my country and western style would not be respected. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I felt welcomed and safe during the whole course."


"The courses are much more than simply developing your vocals. They provide many opportunities to perform, compose and to meet renowned artists. Salwan is fully committed to supporting each participant and helping them to develop every part of their performance."

Helen D

"One of the things which particularly stands out for me from Salwan's courses is the supportive atmosphere and camaraderie of the participants. Salwan (as he is humble and generous) would be quick to point to the role of the participants in that, but he as the facilitator is the common denominator across the courses and can take a lot of the credit for this supportive atmosphere."


 "It was all very inspiring and a great amalgamation of both the vocal and spiritual aspect of singing allowing much more freedom of expression."

Helen G

"The courses that I have done with Salwan have been beneficial and exploratory for me. I have learnt about myself through singing and giving feedback to other participants. Salwan is a fantastic teacher and he is so practical and logical. I would definitely recommend doing the singing courses with Salwan as he will teach and guide you."


"These courses provided, above all else, a warm supportive community of fellow singers. I find that the character of any group is generated first and foremost by its leadership. I credit Salwan with creating an atmosphere of trust and sincere regard for everyone. In addition, he carefully crafted a highly individual program for each participant based on their particular strengths and weaknesses."



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Support Your Singing



Course Details:

Dates: 5 October - 2 November

Duration: 5 weeks

Time: 7 - 8:30 p.m.

Location: Online via Zoom

Course Fee: £50

About the Course:

In singing circles the topic of support is a big one. Generally, the focus is on how we can support the sound we are making with our bodies. This is an important aspect in singing and one we are likely to explore during the course in some capacity. But, this course will also explore the topic of support in a broader sense.

  • We will look at what supporting our singing means for each of us

  • We will explore what is already supporting our singing

  • And we will also take the topic full circle by exploring how singing supports us

This course will be a practical exploration in a supportive and friendly environment. There will be weekly opportunities to sing and perform and the course will conclude with a Performance Relay where participants will have the opportunity to showcase their learning in a concert during the final week.

As well as the weekly sessions, there will be an individual 30-minute coaching with Salwan each week. We will not have guest teachers on this course; however, on a couple of the weeks I may invite some college friends to join us as Guest Artists to share some insights on their journey and also perform.

The weekly session will run on Mondays from 7-8:30 p.m. (this may stretch to 9 p.m. some weeks) and coaching will be offered on Sundays (although we will find another day if this doesn’t suit).

To sign up for the course, please complete the registration form below. Payment can be made through the Paypal button below.*

*If you are unable to pay the full course fee a sliding scale is offered. Please contact Salwan directly to discuss this.

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